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Vampire Facial, also commonly known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP aka concentrated growth factors)) therapy is a renowned facial rejuvenation technique. It is so called as it is derived from the concept of using patient’s own blood during the procedure.

Vampire Facelift v/s Vampire Facial

A vampire facelift is a treatment technique, which involves rejuvenation of the skin making it fuller, smoother and youthful through filler injections and PRP. A vampire facial is simply Vampire facelift minus inclusion of fillers with addition of microdermabrasion/ micro-needling 

How does Vampire Facial Work?

Step One: One-on-One consultation

It is always essential for the patient to discuss his requirements and issues and what result to expect from PRP. The more elaborate the communication, the better it is.

Step Two: Blood Collection

The next step involves sample collection of the patient’s blood.

Step Three: Platelet Filter

The collected blood is then placed in a special centrifuge to process the blood in order to obtain plasma concentrated growth factors by filtering.

Step Four : Microinject Plasma 

Most commonly, the patient experiences a tingling sensation. Sometimes though, the patient requires topical anesthesia to numb the specific area. This is followed by micro injecting of the platelet rich plasma aka concentrated growth factors in affected areas of face.

Step Five : Microdermabrasion/ micro-needling

This is the last step of the treatment where the superficial layer of the skin is removed via microdermabrasion

It not only significantly marks a youthful, glowing & radiant face but also helps improve skin texture as a result of collagen stimulation & cell growth. It also tightens the skin and works well around wrinkles, pores, acne, scars and hyper-pigmentation.

PRP therapy is indeed one of the most effective facial rejuvenation procedures!

Dr. Vimi P is an expert in Vampire Facial treatment. To book your appointment, please call 800 22 33.

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