The Vaccine Drive at MEDSTAR is over. We thank everyone who participated in this. The last few days have not been the easiest with uncertainty about the vaccine dates. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Currently, we do not have a projected date for a future round of vaccination. Should you still be interested in getting yourself vaccinated please use the form below- Seeking Appointment for 1st Dose.

Those of you who undertook the vaccination and have questions can

Medstar Healthcare LLC had partnered with Tamouh Healthcare LLC, to provide on-site Sinopharm Vaccination for all its staff& families, friends of staff and to its corporate clients who are residents of the UAE, free of charge.

Between January end and March we have provided vaccination for greater than 3000 people. As of the moment we are not expecting to

Correction in Vaccination Record

Upon completion of your 2nd dose of vaccination you will receive a SMS from TAMOUH Care with a link to download your vaccination card in PDF format. Going forward this database will register your vaccination completion status against your phone number and Emirates ID

Should you not receive a SMS within 3 working dates, or should you observe gross errors in the Record, please fill out the form given in the button below :


    ONLY those individuals who received their First Dose at Medstar Healthcare LLC, will be entitled to receive the Second Dose at Medstar Healthcare LLC.

    Please register here for your second dose (please input correct details as we will cross check with our database about your first dose)

    Click Here


    Please note, we are not a vaccination centre and currently not accepting any new registrations as guided by authorities for the First Dose of Sinopharm Vaccine. Meanwhile, we request you to kindly register your interest and we will get in touch with you should we receive new guidance from authorities

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Vaccination Confirmation / Card

After your dose – you will receive a SMS from TAMOUH CARE confirming that you have received your dose.

After FIRST Dose

EID No. : #############
Next appointment date for Phase 2 vaccination : ##/##/2021

After SECOND Dose

لقد أكملت التطعيم ضد سارس كوف-2. تم إعطاء INACTIVATED SARS COV2 BEIJING INST 200 WU/Syringe Solution for Injection على النحو التالي
الجرعة الثانية- 02/02/2021
الرقم التسلسلي ##############
You have completed the vaccination for SARS COV-2
The INACTIVATED SARS COV2 BEIJING INST 200 WU/Syringe Solution for Injection was administered as below,
Second Dose : 02/02/2021
Serial No : ##############
Report : ) the card below will open with this link

DOWNLOAD APP - Approximately, two to three week after the second dose, all your information will be available in Al Hosn App

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