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Painless and Bloodless Teeth Extraction option at MEDSTAR

Are you looking for a painless, bloodless and minimum swelling teeth extraction or searching for wisdom tooth removal near you in Dubai? At MEDSTAR, we have highly experienced dentists and technologies like lasers, CBCT & intraoral scans for a smooth & planned teeth extraction and rapid healing of the wound without post-extraction complications.

Teeth extraction is the most common dental procedure. A tooth that has lost 3/4th or more of the crown due to decay or trauma is extracted. Extraction helps in getting relief from teeth infection and in avoiding future infection due to the remaining tooth structure. Our dental team at MEDSTAR is skilled in doing painless and bloodless extraction of teeth. 

You can choose from our teeth extraction for all teeth including wisdom teeth. The options are: 

a) Lasers teeth extraction 

b) Conventional teeth extraction

Teeth extraction by the use of lasers

  • We at MEDSTAR under laser dentistry provide quick, bloodless and painless option of teeth extraction by the use of lasers.
  • In this procedure, after local anaesthesia, lasers are used to cut the gums surrounding the tooth and help in loosening the tooth for removal. Then with the use of dental forceps, the loosened tooth is removed out from its socket.
  • It makes the teeth extraction painless and precise procedure with minimum or no bleeding.

Conventional teeth extraction

  • In this procedure, the conventional method of teeth extraction is used. 
  • Dental forceps and dental elevators are used to loosen or remove the tooth from its socket.
  • You must visit an expert and skilled dentist for teeth extraction even though conventional teeth extraction is the most common dental procedure, it can lead to multiple complications. 
  • Skilled and experienced dentist ensure proper healing, minimum post teeth extraction bleeding and no prick to the bone structure. At, MEDSTAR we have highly experienced dentists for skilled teeth extraction in Dubai. 

Wisdom tooth extraction

  • Pain and infection caused by partially erupted or impacted wisdom tooth is a common dental problem related to wisdom tooth.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction comes under surgical teeth extraction in which both gums and bone are cut to remove the wisdom tooth. This procedure is done under the effect of local anaesthesia.
  • MEDSTAR has the facility of wisdom tooth extraction. Our dentists use lasers for cutting gums and bone for painless, pressure less and minimum bleeding wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Our dental team is skilled in doing all types of complicated wisdom tooth extraction like impacted wisdom tooth extraction or extraction of a wisdom tooth near a dental nerve or blood vessels. 

Electrosurgery for teeth extraction

  • We also have an electrosurgery option for teeth extraction. In this procedure, controlled heat is used to cut gums and bones. Cutting of gums and bone results in loosened teeth which is removed by the use of a dental forceps instrument.

What is a Teeth Extraction?

  • Teeth extraction is the dental procedure of removing teeth. It is the most common dental procedure to get relief from toothache due to severe tooth decay.
  • Due to the advancement of technologies used in dentistry, we have modern procedures for teeth extraction like laser teeth extraction and electrosurgery. These modern procedures can minimise the complication during and post teeth extraction.

What are the dental conditions requiring Teeth Extraction?

You need teeth extraction in case of:

  • Tooth decay resulting in the loss of 3/4th or more part of the tooth structure.
  • Trauma or injury to the tooth resulting in several broken pieces of tooth structure.
  • Orthodontic procedures like dental braces also need teeth extraction to free up space for proper alignment of teeth. It is required in cases in which horizontal measurement of total teeth is more than the total space on the gums.
  • Extra teeth present in the mouth: Sometimes extra teeth are present in the upper roof of the mouth or the area between gums and lips. These type of teeth are a source of infection and discomfort.
  • An infected or painful wisdom tooth is a partially erupted wisdom tooth that is infected due to food lodgement and poor oral hygiene. A wisdom tooth is a non-functional tooth, so to avoid recurrence of infection they are extracted.
  • Impacted teeth: Impacted teeth are teeth that fail to erupt into the mouth. They remain inside the gums and bones only. They can cause infection, pain and pressure on other teeth.
  • Teeth associated with cysts: Some teeth are attached to dental cysts or a cyst can contain a whole dental tooth inside it. These teeth require extraction and treatment of the dental cyst.
  • Failed RCT: Tooth extraction is used to get rid of the infected tooth in cases of failed RCT, or failed retreatment of RCT.
  • In cases of complete dentures: Extracting a few remaining teeth in the mouth for complete dentures. These few teeth can cause the improper fitting of the complete denture, so they are removed before getting a dental impression for a complete denture.
  • Extremely mobile tooth due to gum diseases and failed treatment of gum diseases.
  • To prepare the cancer patients before chemotherapy or radiotherapy, teeth extraction of infected teeth is done to avoid any complication after or during the cancer therapy.

When Should You See a Dentist?

Visit the dental office if you have the following one or more symptoms:

  • Severe pain in teeth due to extensive tooth decay with or without swelling and pus discharge.
  • A painful and extremely mobile tooth with or without pus discharge and swelling.
  • Abnormal position of the tooth, like the roof of the mouth or front or back surfaces of gums.
  • Recurrent infections of wisdom tooth
  • Pain in posterior parts of jaws due to unerupted wisdom teeth
  • Pain and swelling without any clinical presence of tooth decay or trauma
  • If you are planning for any orthodontic treatment or complete denture prosthesis.

Who is Teeth Extraction for? Are You Eligible Teeth Extraction?

  • Teeth extraction is for any tooth despite its type or location. Tooth casing dental problems which cannot be treated by other dental procedures are extracted.
  • You are not eligible for teeth extraction:
    • If you are suffering from a bleeding disorder: In such cases, the recent approval by your physician is required.
    • If you’re a heart patient: Patient with heart diseases is mostly on blood-thinning medicines and these medicines can lead to severe bleeding during or post teeth extraction.
    • If you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or uncontrolled diabetes: In these conditions, more bleeding is a complication of teeth extraction with delayed wound healing.
    • During pregnancy, teeth extraction is contraindicated as the local anaesthesia, post teeth extraction and sitting position can damage the fetus and complicate the pregnancy.
    • If you have already started cancer therapy: Medicines used to treat cancer can delay wound healing and infection of the site of teeth extraction. Radiotherapy can cause the death of the exposed bone after teeth extraction. 
    • Lastly, extraction of those teeth that can be saved by the use of other dental procedures like dental restoration and root canal.
  • For all above mentioned medical conditions, teeth extraction is contraindicated. If it is very necessary then recent approval by the physician and tests are required for teeth extraction.
  • To avoid such complications consent form is filled by the patient before the teeth extraction procedure.
  • Visit our dental office for a free consultation and let our dentists guide you according to your dental and medical health condition.

Why choose MEDSTAR for a Teeth Extraction? The MEDSTAR Advantage

  • Teeth extraction is the most common dental procedure performed in a dental office. But due to pain, swelling and bleeding complication, a skilled approach is required for a teeth extraction.
  • Here at Medstar Aesthetics and Multispeciality Centre, we have the latest dental procedures and a highly experienced team of dentists. This makes our service of teeth extraction quick and with minimum complications.
  • We use intraoral scans and CBCT technology to get the 3D picture of the teeth and jawbones digitally. This helps our dentists to diagnose and create a planned teeth extraction for the patient with rapid wound healing and minimum complications post-extraction.
  • If any complication occurs, we at MEDSTAR, are always there to help you.

The procedure of teeth extraction

  • The procedure starts with numbing the gums and jawbones by the use of local anaesthesia.
  • After the dose of anaesthesia, the tooth and gum surrounding it are cleaned with a medicated solution. Cotton pellets and cheek retractor are placed to avoid any injury to the tongue, lips and cheek.
  • Then with the help of a dental elevator, the surrounding gums are bones are loosened and the loosened tooth is removed out of the bone with the use of dental forceps.
  • In case laser-assisted teeth extraction lasers are used for loosening the teeth and in electrosurgery option controlled heat is used to loosen the teeth. The teeth are removed by the use of dental forceps.
  • The empty socket is inspected for any remaining piece of tooth post which is cleaned and pressed. Stitches are given for proper healing.
  • Cotton gauze is placed on the site of teeth extraction and the patient is asked to bite on it and wait for 15 to 30 minutes in the dental office.
  • After 15 to 30 minutes bleeding is checked and a new cotton gauze is placed. If blood is still oozing out, the patient is asked to wait again to check for bleeding after 30 minutes.
  • After checking the blood clot formation, the patient is free to go home. Before leaving, the patient is given strict instructions to follow for the next 24 to 72 hours.
  • Bleeding is minimum and wound healing is faster in laser-assisted teeth extraction than the conventional procedure.

What are the various options for Teeth Extraction at MEDSTAR?

At MEDSTAR, we have the following options for teeth extraction: 

  • Conventional teeth extraction

    • We skilled and highly experienced dental team to perform teeth extraction procedure with minimum complications during and post teeth extraction.

  • Laser-assisted teeth extraction

    • The use of lasers in teeth extraction has made teeth extraction less painful with minimum bleeding and rapid extraction wound healing.
    • We have the latest laser and dentists skilled in using lasers for teeth extraction.

  • Electrosurgery for teeth extraction

    • We also have an option of extracting teeth by the use of controlled heat technologies.

  • Wisdom tooth extraction

    • The wisdom tooth is the one that is a functionless tooth but causes severe toothache and dental infections.
    • Our dental staff after diagnosing the wisdom tooth prepare plan to extract the wisdom tooth effectively without damaging adjacent tissues and bone.

We also provide the service of SAME DAY IMPLANTS as per the requirement of the patient.

  • The patient is advised to follow the post teeth extraction instructions strictly. If you miss any or have any confusion feel free to ask our dental staff.
  • The motive of instructions is to keep the blood clot formed in the socket lodged in the socket, which helps in healthy and rapid healing of the post teeth extraction wound.
  • Post teeth extraction instructions :
    • Take prescribed medications to get relief from the pain and swelling. Usually, swelling subsides after 2 days.
    • Apply an ice pack to keep swelling minimum.
    • Avoid vigorous brushing, sucking straws, vigorous rinsing of mouth and smoking for the next 3 days.
    • Avoid eating spicy, hard and hot food and drinks. 
    • Do not drink alcohol.
  • In case of heavy bleeding, severe pain and continued swelling for 2-3 days, or a reaction to the medication, call our dental office immediately.

After a successful teeth extraction, you can expect healthy healing of the extraction wound without any unnecessary pain, blood, swelling or infection. The patient can resume the daily life routine without worrying about the toothache and its complications.

How much time does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

The time is taken for the complete recovery after teeth extraction depends on multiple factors:

  • Surgical or non-surgical teeth extraction: Surgical teeth extractions healing takes more time than the non-surgical approach.
  • Laser-assisted or electrosurgical teeth extraction takes less time to heal in comparison to conventional methods.
  • Age of the patient: Old age also delays the healing of the extraction wound.
  • The habit of smoking and drinking alcohol delays wound healing.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes also delay healing.
  • Infection of the extraction wound also delays the recovery of the extraction wound.

Will tooth extraction weaken my eyesight?

No, teeth extraction can not weaken eyesight. It is a myth. Nerves and blood vessels of teeth and eyes are different and roots of upper teeth are not connected to the eye socket. They are not connected in any way. 

What to Tell Your Dentist Before tooth extraction?

Before teeth extraction tell your dentist about:

  • Ongoing medications
  • Medical conditions you are suffering from
  • Any allergy
  • About pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Ongoing cancer therapy or plan of cancer therapy

Do tooth extraction hurt?

  • The tooth extraction procedure is done under anaesthesia. But you will feel pressure during the procedure.
  • Post teeth extraction you will experience pain for which medicines are prescribed by the dentist. Post extraction pain subsides in the next 2 to 3 days
  • If pain continuous please call or visit our dental office.

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

The wisdom tooth that fails to erupt or come out of the gums and bones is called an impacted wisdom tooth. It can remain asymptomatic or can cause pain, swelling and pressure in the jaws. It is extracted by surgical extraction.

Can the patient drink alcohol or smoke after teeth extractions?

No, the patient can't drink alcohol or smoke. These 2 factors can delay healing and dislodge the blood clot leading to bleeding, delayed healing and painful infection of the gums and jawbones.

When to call the dentist or dental office post teeth extraction?

Post tooth extraction, follow the instructions given by the dentist strictly. If you experience continuous bleeding, severe pain and swelling and an allergic reaction to the medicine, call the dental office immediately.

What is a dry socket?

  • Dry socket is a complication of teeth extraction due to the dislodgement of the blood clot and no healing of the extraction wound. It is a severely painful condition in which the jawbone is exposed. 
  • Your dentist will put a medicated dressing on a dry socket to promote healing and relief from pain.

How Are Teeth Extracted?

  • Teeth are extracted under local anaesthesia. Surrounding gums and bones of teeth are loosened by a dental tool or laser or by controlled heat.
  • After loosening them, teeth are removed out of the jawbone with the help of dental forceps.
  • Stitches and wound dressing is done. 
  • The patient is observed for the next 30 to 45 minutes and sent home when bleeding stops and the blood clot is formed.

Is follow up appointment necessary after tooth extraction?

Yes, follow up appointment after teeth extraction is necessary to check the status of healing of the extraction wound, any infection and for the removal of the stitches.

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