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Reshape and Sculpt Your Body With Liposuction

Need help with stubborn fat that is not going away even after regular workouts and diets? No matter what you do, excess fat on the belly, waist, thighs, hips, or upper arms isn't going away? Take advantage of MEDSTAR’s safe and effective liposuction procedure by experienced plastic surgeons to get the desired sculpted body.

Excess fat on the body may remain as it is even after regular workouts and years of dieting. This excess fat can be a result of genetics or sedentary work hours, or pregnancy.  Don’t stress yourself anymore and visit Medstar Aesthetic and Multi-Speciality Centre. Here patients get the advantage of honest recommendations by our surgeons and effective procedure planning for long-lasting results of liposuction. Our clinical team will also guide you on maximizing the post-surgery results.


Liposuction is the procedure of removing excess stubborn fat from body parts. It is used for reshaping the abdomen, upper arms, waist, buttocks, calves, ankles, chest, backs, hips, thighs, chin, and neck. This is the most commonly used procedure for reshaping the body. It is performed under local or general anesthesia and the fat is removed using thin tubes (cannulas) and vacuum suction.

Arm Lifts

An arm lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure for reshaping the under portion of the upper arm. In this procedure, extra fat is removed. In some cases, fat pockets may be present, which can delay the healing of the surgical wound. Such fat pockets are removed by the liposuction surgery in Dubai. Liposuction enhances the final result of arm lift and helps in the normal healing of the wound.

Mommy Makeover

Liposuction is one of the cosmetic procedures used in a mommy makeover. Mommy makeover is the combination of several cosmetic procedures to reshape the body of women after pregnancy. The results restore the pre-pregnancy body shape of women with confidence.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure used to remove excess fat from specific body parts based on the suction technique. This procedure helps the surgeon to artistically sculpt the body by removing excess fat underneath the skin through suctioning. It is not a treatment for obesity and not a substitute for a regular diet and exercise. Also, it will not remove cellulite and stretch marks.

Liposuction is used for either treating a specific area or can be paired with body reshaping surgeries to achieve a significant change to one’s appearance, especially since it helps take care of the loose skin caused by excessive fat deposits. It can be used with other cosmetic surgery procedures like facelifts, breast reductions, and tummy tucks.

Who is Liposuction for? Are You Eligible for Liposuction?

  • You can consider liposuction if regular workouts and diet changes are not helping you get slimmer or leaner anymore especially in the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, upper arms, neck, and chin.
  • Liposuction can enhance the appearance of:
    • Abdomen
    • Upper arms
    • Hips 
    • Calves and ankles
    • Chest and back
    • Hips and thighs
    • Chin and neck
  • You are eligible for liposuction:
    • If you have firm, elastic skin with good muscle tone
    • If you are a smoker and have stopped smoking for at least 2 weeks.
    • Your weight is under 30% of your ideal weight
    • If you are not suffering from any medical condition like heart disease, diabetes, or a weak immune system.
  • Before deciding on liposuction, consult the doctor who specializes in aesthetics or plastic surgery in Dubai as these surgeries should be done by experts.
  • At MEDSTAR, we have highly experienced surgeons in our aesthetics surgery department who are well known for long-lasting cosmetic results. 

Why choose MEDSTAR for Liposuction? The MEDSTAR Advantage

Like any other surgical procedure, liposuction comes with certain risks and complications, but for an eligible candidate, the risks are quite minimal and can be mitigated by counselling and careful monitoring by skilled surgeons.

At MEDSTAR, we have an experienced clinical team who counsels the patient and give honest recommendations. We aim for a healthy, confident life for the patient with long-lasting results. Our surgeons have performed 1000+ surgeries in the field of plastic surgery.

Our World-class infrastructure, advanced equipment & latest technology helps in achieving safe and effective results for our patients.

How is the Liposuction procedure done?

  • Liposuction is performed under anesthesia. The Liposuction surgeon in Dubai will make small incisions on the skin of the targeted area along with an infusion of local anesthesia solution. This solution reduces bleeding and trauma during the procedure.
  • A thin hollow tube called a cannula is inserted through incisions and it is moved in controlled back and forth motion, to loosen the excess fat. The loosened fat is then suctioned out of the body using a surgical vacuum or syringe attached to the cannula.
  • Any excess fluid and blood are drained, incisions are stitched up, and a dressing is placed.
  • The liposuction procedure takes 30 mins to three hours and almost all patients can go home the same day of the procedure.

What are the various options for Liposuction at MEDSTAR?

  • Tumescent liposuction
    • This procedure starts with injecting a sterile solution made up of salt water (which helps in fat removal), an anesthetic (to relieve pain) and medicine like epinephrine (to constrict blood vessels) into the area selected. This solution results in painless stiffening of the targeted area for easy fat removal.
    • The surgeon then makes small cuts on the skin of the targeted area and inserts a thin tube (cannula) under the skin. The vacuum suction is connected to the cannula to suck out the loosened fat and fluids from the body. 
    • Fluids loss during the procedure is replenished by the IV line.
    • This is the most common liposuction procedure.
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL)
    • In this procedure, the surgeon inserts a metal rod that emits ultrasonic energy under the skin resulting in a breakdown of the fat cells for easier removal of fat. 
    • A new generation of UAL called VASER-assisted liposuction uses a device that results in improved skin contouring and reduces the chance of skin injuries.
    • UAL is also used in conjunction with traditional liposuction for better results.
  • Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL) 
    • In this type of liposuction, high-intensity laser light is used to break down fat for removal. 
    • During this procedure, the surgeon inserts a laser fiber through a small incision in the skin to emulsify fat deposits that are removed through the cannula.
  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL)
    • In this type of liposuction, a rapidly back and forth moving cannula is used. These rapid movements help in the faster removal of fat deposits. 
    • This procedure allows the surgeon to remove fat with more precision with less swelling and pain. 
    • PAL is used in cases of removal of large, tough deposits of fat or if the patient has a history of liposuction surgery.
  • J-Plasma liposuction
    • In this procedure, loose, wrinkled, or saggy skin is treated by cold plasma energy. This energy is delivered under the skin of the patient through a plasma device for tightening. It tightens the skin after fat removal by shrinking the elastin present in the skin tissues.
    • It is based on the heating and cooling property of Helium gas. A small portion of helium gas is exposed to radiofrequency resulting in heat. At the same time, unexposed helium gas reaches the tissues that cause a cooling effect and protects surrounding tissues from the heating effect.
    • J-Plasma liposuction is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that combines the long-lasting results of fat removal and skin tightening with minimum scars.
    • The results can be seen within the first week and full results can be seen after 3-4 months.

  • Before the procedure, the surgeon will give strict diet instructions to the patient.
  • Always tell the surgeon about any allergies, ongoing medications, or pre-existing medical conditions before the surgery. 
  • The patient will be asked to stop taking certain medicines, such as blood thinners and certain painkillers, at least 3 weeks before surgery.
  • After surgery, the patient is kept in the hospital until recovery from the anesthesia and stable clinical parameters.
  • The patient should arrange for someone to take them home after the procedure.
  • They should also prepare their place at home considering no strenuous work is allowed, rest is recommended.
  • Usually, it takes about two weeks to make a full recovery.
  • Some pain, swelling and bruising are expected after the procedure for which medications are prescribed by the surgeon.
  • The patient is advised:
    • To take 2-3 days off from work
    • To wear a compression garment for a month
    • To avoid strenuous activity for 4 weeks
  • The patient can go back to normal daily life after a couple of weeks in most cases.
  • The surgeon will recommend following a healthy lifestyle for long-lasting results to avoid weight gain and new fat cell deposits.
  • Consult the surgeon immediately if you experience severe pain, fever and swelling with or without pus discharge from the surgical wound.

Mild pain, swelling, and bruising can be seen after liposuction. To ease these symptoms surgeon will prescribe the medications. Immediately after the surgery, the body fills the space with fluids and hence compression garments should be worn at all times. The swelling reduces gradually and fluids also reduce augmented by the compression garment. While a small result is visible immediately, it may take up to 6 months for results to show up completely. Patients are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maximize the results for a longer time.

Is liposuction painful?

The liposuction surgery in Dubai is performed under anesthesia, so it is a virtually painless procedure. Like any other surgical procedure, the patient will experience mild pain, swelling, and bruising on the treated body parts after surgery. For these temporary symptoms, the surgeon will prescribe medications. Also, these symptoms subside slowly with time. If you experience severe pain and abnormal swelling, consult the surgeon immediately. 

Is liposuction a cosmetic procedure?

Yes, liposuction is a surgical cosmetic procedure of removing excess fat by loosening and suctioning of fat. It helps in reshaping and sculpting the body parts. It is also used with other cosmetic surgeries for better results. This procedure is performed by a certified plastic surgeon only for safe and long-lasting results.

Are liposuction results permanent?

Deposits of fat cells and tissue are permanently removed by liposuction. New fat cells can accumulate if weight is gained. The patient is advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle by adopting a regular exercise regimen and a healthy diet. This will help in maintaining the cosmetic results for a longer time.

What are the conditions required for liposuction?

For long-lasting results and minimum complications after liposuction, some conditions are required for this procedure. 

These conditions are:

  • Firm and elastic skin with good muscle tone for more aesthetic and long-lasting slimming results.
  • The weight of the patient must be under 30% of their ideal weight.
  • Smoking delays the healing of wounds, so the patient is not eligible if he/she has a habit of smoking. They should stop smoking for a period of two weeks before considering the procedure.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions like heart problems, diabetes, or immunity-related disorders also increases the risk of complications after surgery. So the patient must be healthy and not suffer from such health conditions.

The final treatment plan is prepared by the surgeon based on the medical history and medical condition of the patient.

Does Liposuction leave visible scars?

Liposuction surgery in Dubai is performed by making small incisions on the skin. Scars of surgical wounds are very small and they fade away with time. The new generation of small cannulas (microcannulas) used in liposuction requires small incisions resulting in decreased size of scars. Also, the plastic surgeon will decide on what to do and what to avoid during liposuction for minimum post-surgery scars.

What are the complications of liposuction?

Generally, liposuction is regarded as safe same-day procedure; however complications of liposuctions are:

  • Pain, swelling and bruising 
  • Infection
  • Bumpy or wavy skin appearance due to uneven fat removal or poor healing or poor skin elasticity
  • Temporary fluid sac formation under the skin that is drained out with a needle
  • Temporary or permanent numbness due to nerve damage or nerve irritation
  • In the rarest of cases loosened pieces of fat can travel to the lungs or heart through blood vessels resulting in fat embolism. This condition requires immediate medical treatment.
  • In rare cases kidney and heart problems due to an imbalance in fluid levels
  • In rare cases anesthetic drug toxicity

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