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Say Goodbye To Unwanted Body Hair With Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Are you tired of making an appointment for salons or having razor cuts for body hairs? Laser hair removal is for you to get rid of unwanted body hair. At MEDSTAR, with the help of the latest Soprano ICE laser technology and experienced dermatologists, we provide the service of virtually painless and permanent hair removal.

We all agree that having body hair is normal but if you are tired of the fast growth of hair and painful regular hair removing procedures like waxing or shaving, then you can opt for a permanent and medical solution for the unwanted body hairs. Lasers are proving their worth in cosmetic procedures by being virtually painless with precise results. Soprano ICE laser is the newest technology used for removing all types of hair from almost every body part.

What is laser hair removal?

● Laser hair removal is the procedure used for removing body hairs permanently. It is one of the most common cosmetic skin procedures. In this procedure, laser beams are focused on the area with unwanted hairs to destroy the hair follicles. The pigment in the hair (melanin) absorbs the laser energy resulting in the destruction of hair follicles.

● It works on the principle of selective photothermolysis, according to which selective wavelength is used for targeted tissues or cells while adjacent tissues remain unaffected.

● Laser hair removal has a high success rate in patients with dark hair and light skin tone but now due to advancements in technology, any hair colour and any skin tone can be successfully treated.

● This is a safe and permanent procedure for removing hairs of any body part except the eyelid area. It is used for removing unwanted hair from the face, legs, chin, back, arms, underarms, ears, nostrils and bikini area for cosmetic purposes.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is gaining popularity due to:

● Lasers target hairs selectively and do not damage the adjacent tissues or skin.

● It is a less time-consuming procedure. Each pulse of the laser can treat many hairs in a fraction of a second.

● Results are long-lasting and can be permanent depending on the type of hair, targeted area and number of sessions.

● Virtually painless procedure with no to minimal downtime.

● High success rate around 90%

Uses of laser hair removal

● Cosmetic purposes: Most commonly it is used for removing hairs of:

○ Face

○ Arms

○ Legs

○ Chin and neck area

○ Bikini area

○ Underarms

● Medical purposes: It is also used for excessive hair growth( hirsutism) associated with certain medical conditions along with the treatment of the underlying cause. Such conditions are:

○ Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

○ Cushing syndrome

○ Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

○ Medications like minoxidil, danazol

○ Hypertrichosis or werewolf syndrome

○ Severe and recurring hair follicle infections

● It is also used in the treatment of excessive hair growth due to:

○ Family history

○ Obesity

Are You Eligible for Laser Hair removal?

● Men or women, anyone can opt for laser hair removal treatment. New technology like Soprano ICE can treat all types of hair and all types of skin. Even sun tanned skin can get the treatment effectively.

● It is used for removing body hairs except for the eye and eyebrow area due to the risk of damage to the eyes.

● This procedure is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

● Consult our certified dermatologists at MEDSTAR, for safe and excellent laser hair removal results in a hygienic and pleasant ambience.

Why choose MEDSTAR for laser hair removal treatment? The MEDSTAR Advantage

Medstar Aesthetics and Multispeciality Centre provide the advantage of experienced dermatologists and the latest innovations in skincare under one roof in Dubai. Our top priority is the safety of our patients for which we provide high standards of patient care and constant monitoring. With the use of the latest laser hair removal procedure and certified doctors, we help our patients in getting smooth flawless skin with almost zero complications.

At MEDSTAR we use Soprano ICE, the latest laser technology that is effective for all hair types irrespective of the skin tone of the patient. This new laser innovation has overcome the drawback of the low success rate of hair removal in patients with light colour hair or dark skin tone.

Laser hair removal treatment is highly effective against dark hair colour with a light skin tone. But Soprano ICE laser technology is equally effective in all types of hair and skin tones as it uses a combination of multiple laser wavelengths and technologies for safe results

How is laser removal treatment done?

● In this procedure, the targeted area is cleaned and shaved. Areas with thick hair and thin hair are marked separately. Protective eye gear is given to the patient to protect the eyes from laser beams. The cooling gel might be applied for the comfort of the patient. Then the frequency of the laser is adjusted by the dermatologist according to the hair and skin type. After the completion of the session, cooling gel and sunscreen are applied to protect the skin.

● Post-treatment, the patient can go home and can resume daily routine activities.

● Multiple sessions of laser might be required for the desired results, depending upon the type of hair and size of the area.

What are the various options for laser hair removal treatment at MEDSTAR?

Soprano ICE

● In this procedure, lasers are used for building the heat within the skin which is enough to destroy the hair follicle. This energy is absorbed by melanin only so that adjacent tissues remain unaffected. With this heating pulse, contact cooling helps in cooling down the skin resulting in virtually painless yet effective hair removal.

● This is the latest and most advanced laser technology for hair removal. It uses multiple laser wavelengths to treat a wide range of patients effectively and cooling sessions in between the laser cycles for a virtually painless and safe experience for the patient. It includes:

● Multiple laser wavelengths and technologies

○ Diode laser Alex technology uses diode laser based on an Alexandrite wavelength for better energy absorption by the melanin with contact cooling making it an ideal solution for different hair types and colours including light coloured and thin hair.

○ Diode laser YAG technology uses a diode laser based on an ND: YAG wavelength, allowing for moderate energy absorption by the melanin combined with the contact cooling provides the safe hair removal solution for darker skin types.

○ This device comes with a special facial tip design to easily treat the hard to reach areas like ears, nostrils and glabella.

● ICE technology provides simultaneous contact cooling during the treatment. It provides cooling with the use of a cold sapphire tip to minimise the risk of skin burns while maintaining heat within the skin. It helps in making the patient feel more safe and comfortable during the laser treatment.

The patient can feel smooth and hairless skin as early as after the first treatment, but final results need multiple sessions to fully show up. The patient will keep noticing changes in hair growth for the next 3 months. It is very important to take all the laser sessions for desired and permanent results. After successful treatment, results are permanent smooth hair-less skin.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes, the laser hair removal procedure is safe yet very effective in getting rid of unwanted hair. The laser beam selectively targets the hair follicles, containing pigment melanin resulting in their destruction. This destruction results in slower growth and finally no growth of the body hairs which leads to smooth hair-free skin as desired by the patient.

What is laser hair removal by Soprano ICE?

Soprano ICE is the latest hair removal technology that uses multiple wavelengths of laser to treat every type of hair and a contact cooling device to make the procedure virtually painless. This technology has made it possible for dermatologists to treat light colour hair and dark skin tone patients, which is the drawback of other laser technologies.

Are results of laser hair removal treatment permanent?

Results of laser hair removal are permanent. It depends upon the number of sessions completed. In between the sessions, the patient might notice the slow regrowth of the hair that is normal. Final results will be evident after 3 months post-treatment. Type of hair, targeted area and hormones also affect the growth of the hair. The dermatologist will determine the number of sessions required for desired results after examining your hair type and skin.

Will laser hair removal damage my skin?

No, the laser hair removal procedure is safe and will not damage your skin. It targets the hair follicle by emitting the laser beam of the particular wavelength which is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair follicle only and adjacent tissues or skin remain unaffected. In addition to this advantage, the technology available at MEDSTAR- the Soprano ICE, uses contact cooling to protect skin from burns during the procedure.

What is the cost of a laser hair removal procedure?

The cost of the laser hair removal procedure depends upon the number of sessions required for the desired smooth skin, targeted area and technology used. The cost is also affected by the factors like local market value of the treatment, location and service provider of the laser treatment.

Laser hair removal procedure might be expensive than razors or waxing sessions but it is very cost-effective as the results are permanent and save lots of time and hassle of buying razors or regular salon visits.

In how many sessions laser hair removal is completed?

The patient might need multiple sessions for the desired hair-free smooth skin. The number of sessions depends upon the factors like:

● Roughness or coarseness of the hair

● Hair density of the targeted area

● The thickness of the hair

● Growth of the hair

● The medical condition associated with patients requires treatment of the underlying cause

● Depth of the hair follicle

What are the risks of laser hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal is a safe and virtually painless procedure. Some temporary and mild side effects are:

● Swelling and pain

● Mild Redness

● Pigmentation

● Blistering, crusting and scarring

All these side effects subside in a couple of days on their own and with the use of lotions or medications prescribed by the doctor.

Will laser hair removal remove tattoos?

The laser hair removal procedure is not performed on the skin area with tattoos. The hair removal laser is different from the one used for tattoo removal but it can affect the ink of the tattoo. So in order to protect the tattoo, the area is covered to avoid any exposure to laser beams. Also, it is recommended to go for tattoo removal if required then opt for the laser hair removal procedure.

Will laser hair removal work on white hair?

Old laser technologies were ineffective on white hair as they worked according to the melanin content of hair, more the melanin or darker the hair more effective was laser hair removal. BUT latest technologies have made it possible for white hair removal to be as effective as black hair. Soprano Ice is the latest technology that is effective on all types of hair. This technique uses multiple laser wavelengths according to the skin and hair colour of the patient resulting in permanent hair removal.

Will laser hair removal cause cancer?

No, it is a myth. Laser hair removal does not cause cancer. In fact, in some cases of cancer patients lasers are used for treating cancerous lesions. These lasers are different from hair removal lasers. Laser hair removal is a safe and permanent method to get rid of unwanted body hair. The technology used for hair removal at MEDSTAR is extremely safe and effective as it uses multiple laser wavelengths with cooling devices.

Where should you get laser hair removal?

Always choose the service provider carefully as laser hair removal can cause skin burns or partial removal of hairs. It would be best if you consult a dermatologist for guidance and details before going for laser hair removal. You can consult our experienced dermatologists for more details who are skilled in performing hair and skin cosmetic procedures.

What does laser hair removal feel like?

Laser hair removal is a virtually painless procedure. the patient will not experience burning sensations but will feel mild pinching or like snapping rubber bands on the skin during the procedure. After the procedure, the patient might notice mild redness or irritation for a couple of days. These symptoms subside themselves. It is advised to follow the skincare instructions carefully to avoid any post-procedure complications.

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