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Revive The Beauty of Your Hands with Hand Rejuvenation in Dubai   

Did you know that our hands age faster than our face? We grab and touch everything with our hands and easily ignore them, which results in early ageing signs like wrinkles, blemishes and dry skin. You can slow it down with the help of hand rejuvenation treatment at Medstar Aesthetics & Multispecialty Centre in Dubai.

What is Hand rejuvenation?

  • Hand rejuvenation is the process of rejuvenating or repairing ageing hands with a variety of treatments. It is a cosmetic surgery for the hands. With Hand Rejuvenation, you can eliminate dryness, wrinkles, sun spots, loose skin, veins & even red peeling skin. There are a variety of procedures involved such as fillers, Laser, chemical peels, IPL & Fat transfer. All these procedures help in restoring and maintaining youthful and soft hands.
  • Hand rejuvenation help in :
    • Restoring the volume or plumpiness of hands
    • Removal of pigmentation due to sunburn or scars of injury
    • Tightening of the skin of hands

What types of hands require Hand Rejuvenation?

Hand Rejuvenation is an excellent option for:

  • Dry hands with cracking skin which show white marks on scratching
  • Sunspots due to the prolonged sun exposure & insufficient usage of SPF sunscreens.
  • Wrinkled hands are a common sign of ageing due to the decreasing elasticity of the skin
  • Loose skin because of frequent washing & inadequate hydration
  • Prominent veins on hands due to thin skin

Complications of Hand Rejuvenation

Pain, swelling & bruising are common symptoms that disappear in a week or two after hand rejuvenation treatment. However, other rare complications might show up post-treatment such as:

  • Anaesthesia reactions
  • Scarring
  • Infections
  • Stiffness accompanied with swelling
  • Sensory dysfunction
  • Foreign body granuloma formation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infection and necrosis

Are you eligible for Hand Rejuvenation? When to see the doctor?

The patient can opt for hand rejuvenation:

  • To make skin healthier since thin skin bruises easily 
  • For aesthetics
  • To make hands wrinkle and sunspot free
  • For dry skin treatment
  • To get rid of scars

The patient is not eligible for hand rejuvenation if:

  • The patient has the problem of allergy
  • The patient is suffering from bleeding disorders, autoimmunity disorders, diabetes etc.
  • The patient is pregnant or breastfeeding

However, it is the surgeon’s duty to guide the patient through the various steps of the procedure. To achieve desired results with minimal complications, make sure to choose a certified & experienced surgeon or you can take the advantage of certified services at MEDSTAR.

Why choose MEDSTAR for Hand Rejuvenation? The MEDSTAR advantage

Like any other medical treatment, hand rejuvenation requires a skilled & experienced surgeon. That way, you can be satisfied with the results with the least complications.

At MEDSTAR, our cosmetic surgery team consists of highly experienced surgeons, who have yielded safe & effective results in hand rejuvenation for years. Our surgeons are highly professional who make patients feel comfortable and can make complex procedures look effortless & simple.

Along with qualified cosmetic surgeons, our patients also gets the advantage to choose from several latest procedures for hand rejuvenation as per the requirement, budget and time.

What are the procedures of Hand Rejuvenation?

● There are several treatments performed involving hand rejuvenation according to the need of the patient. Hand rejuvenation is done by:

○ Fat transfers to the hand from the other parts of the body to make hands more youthful. It is performed under local anaesthesia & takes about an hour.

○ Derma fillers are used to eliminate wrinkles & smoothen out the skin. They deliver immediate results.

○ Chemical peels for a smooth texture of the skin of hands.

○ Laser treatments to cure prominent veins. A diode laser system is inserted into the veins which reduce visibility over time. it is also used for fading the scars.

○ IPL (Intense pulse light) is used to treat dark spots due to sun exposure, ageing or trauma.

● Any of the above procedure may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. The patient is can go home the same day.

Treatment Options For Hand Rejuvenation At MEDSTAR


● Fat transfer is the procedure of transferring fat from the body area of the patient to the hands. Usually, fat is obtained from the stomach or thighs. Obtained fat is processed and then injected into the hands. This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

● Advantages of hand rejuvenation with fat grafting:

○ Lower risk of infection and rejection

○ Long-lasting and natural-looking results

● The whole procedure is completed in around an hour and the patient can go home the same day.

● Patients may experience swelling and bruising post-procedure that subsides in a week.


● Hand rejuvenation with fillers has been recently approved by the FDA. In this procedure, dermal fillers (soft gel-like substances) are injected under the skin to smooth out the wrinkles. Local anaesthesia or local anaesthetic spray is required for this procedure to limit the discomfort caused by needles.

● Patients are instructed to do hand exercises to help distribute the filler smoothly and evenly.

● Patients will experience some swelling or small bruises at the injection site, which usually resolves itself in a couple of days.

● Dermal fillers are a temporary option for hand rejuvenation as they are absorbed by the body resulting in wrinkles again. Regular dermal filler injections are required to maintain the smooth texture of the skin.


● This procedure is used to treat the bulging veins on the hands. Bulging veins on hands are asymptomatic and are treated for cosmetic purpose only.

● In this procedure, under local anaesthesia, a diode laser system is inserted into the veins which cauterize them and reduces visibility over time.

● After the procedure, the area is covered with a bandage.

● The patient will experience some bleeding and minor swelling for 10 days post-treatment.

● Complications are rare but can include infection and damage to surrounding blood vessels.


● A chemical peel removes older damaged skin encouraging the growth of new skin. It also helps in reducing dark spots, pigmentation caused by sun damage, and scarring.

● Chemical Peels are quick and can be customized & repeated to achieve the best results as per the needs of the patient.

● Local anaesthesia is given to ensure a painless procedure. In this procedure, the surgeon will apply a chemical solution to the treatment area and will leave it in place for a set amount of time depending on the type of peel and skin type.

● When the time is up, it is neutralized, either with water or petroleum jelly. After a few days, the skin will begin to peel off to reveal new skin beneath. The patient will need to follow aftercare instructions to ensure the protection of newly exposed sensitive skin.

● The patient will experience redness and skin sensitivity following a chemical peel treatment, which subsides over a few days.

● The surgeon will discuss how often the patient should consider having another chemical peel to maintain the best results.


IPL (Intense pulse light) releases light of many different wavelengths, like a photo flash. This light energy penetrates down to the second layer of skin (dermis) without damaging the top layer (epidermis) and is absorbed by pigment cells in the skin. This results in the destruction of the pigment cell in the skin. This procedure is not precise and effective like lasers.


● In this procedure, the laser is applied evenly and expertly on the cleaned skin of the hands. Laser energy removes the outermost layer of skin on the hands, leaving healthy cells underneath. These healthy cells regenerate a new layer of skin, reducing the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other age-related blemishes.

At MEDSTAR, fractional laser resurfacing with the Fractional CO2 laser option is available for the best skin resurfacing results with the least side effects in comparison to other laser resurfacing procedures.

Mild swelling & minimal pain are normal after hand rejuvenation treatment which subsides within 2 weeks. Severe side-effects are experienced in rare cases. It is important to note that the results vary from person to person. Moreover, the number of sessions required varies too. But the staff at MEDSTAR is always there to help the patient at every step of the procedure. Hand rejuvenation procedures help in restoring smooth hand skin free from wrinkles and blemishes.

What is the best treatment for hand rejuvenation?

The treatments for hand rejuvenation depends upon the condition of the hand. Like for skin blemishes and scars, the best treatment is laser skin resurfacing, while for bulging veins, laser ablation is the right procedure. The surgeon will help you with deciding the best hand rejuvenation treatment according to the requirement.

How long does hand rejuvenation last?

The results of hand rejuvenation depend upon the type of procedure, for what condition it was used for and patient compliance. For example, dermal fillers treatment lasts for six months to a year and more than one sessions are required to maintain the result. While in the case of laser skin resurfacing for scars and blemishes results are long-lasting and can be maximized by patient compliance.

How is hand rejuvenation done?

Hand rejuvenation is done by several procedures as per the requirement of the patient. The surgeon will examine the hands of the patient and advise the best suitable treatment according to the need of hands. Like:

● For wrinkles and fine lines: Dermal fillers, laser resurfacing, fat transfer

● For bulging veins: laser ablation

● For tightening the skin: dermal fillers, fat transfer

● For scars and blemishes: laser resurfacing, chemical peels

Does hand rejuvenation really work?

Yes, hand rejuvenation treatment can help in reducing the signs of ageing, scars and blemishes with the tightening of the skin. Multiple sessions of the treatment might be required to achieve the desired results and maintain the results for a longer time. In most cases of hand rejuvenation procedures, patient compliance helps in long-lasting outcomes.

What is the cost of hand rejuvenation?

The cost of hand rejuvenation depends upon the condition to be treated, type of procedure and the number of sessions required to achieve the desired results. Like laser treatments for skin resurfacing or scars on the skin, are comparatively expensive than the chemical peels used for the same purpose. Cost also depends on the service provider and the market value of the procedure.

Do dermal fillers improve over time?

Dermal fillers are a soft gel-like substance that is injected under the skin to remove wrinkles and smooth the texture of hands. This substance is absorbed by the body over a while. So after a certain period of time, they need to be injected again to maintain the plump skin of the hands.

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