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All Types of General Dental Treatment Available Under One Roof at Medstar 

Looking for an easy solution for dirty teeth, bleeding gums or any other dental requirement?  Afraid of lengthy and painful dental procedures? We at MEDSTAR, provide several options for general dental treatments to choose from, according to your dental needs. Our dental services are quick, bloodless, painless and vibration-free.

Medstar Aesthetics And Multispeciality Centre is the one-in-all centre in Dubai to provide result-oriented solutions for all teeth problems. We offer several treatment options for the same dental condition so that the patient can freely choose according to their convenience, time and budget. We use the latest dentistry digital tools, best dental materials and dental procedures for a routine dental check-up, cleaning and polishing, dental restorations, gum treatment and laser dentistry.

Routine Dental Checkup

  • A routine dental checkup is just a regular visit to the dentist for a dental checkup to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid dental diseases. In a routine dental checkup, the dentist will carefully check for any new cavity or deposits on teeth or new dental disease and the status of previously done dental treatments. 
  • New dental diseases can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible during a routine dental checkup.
  • It also helps in determining whether the patient’s way and method of brushing or flossing are right or wrong. If needed, improved dental hygiene habits are introduced to the patient.
  • A routine dental checkup is done once every 3 months to maintain good oral health.
  • It is the most simple and easy way to keep teeth and gums healthy and disease-free.

Cleaning And Polishing

  • Cleaning and polishing teeth are all you need to get rid of all unwanted deposits on teeth even after regular brushing and flossing.
  • Cleaning and polishing is the most common dental procedure to keep teeth healthy. It is also known as scaling and polishing of teeth.
  • Cleaning and polishing is a simple dental procedure and can be done manually or with the help of cleaning equipment.
  • Manual cleaning is done by the dentist or dental staff by hands.
  • Another option is dental scaler equipment for cleaning the teeth and is done by the use of ultrasonic vibrations.
  • At MEDSTAR, we use lasers for painless, bloodless and hygienic cleaning of patient’s teeth.
  • Post dental scaling or cleaning, dental polishing is done by using a rotating dental brush and polishing paste to maximize the aftereffect of cleaning of teeth.

Dental Restorations

  • Dental restorations are also called dental fillings and are one of the most common dental procedures.
  • Dental restorations of fillings are the biocompatible dental materials used to fill the cavity in the tooth and restoring a broken tooth.
  • Based on the teeth colour, dental restorations materials can be coloured to match the colour of the patient’s teeth. 
    • Coloured dental restoration: Inert metals like gold, silver and silver mercury alloy called amalgam are used to fill a tooth cavity.
    • Tooth coloured or cosmetic dental restorations: These are tooth coloured materials like composite or glass ionomer cement used for restoring the tooth. 
  • Dental restorations repair and restore the tooth structure lost due to trauma or tooth decay. They are also used to cover up the sensitive areas of teeth to prevent teeth sensitivity.
  • They can last up to 12 to 15 years when maintained properly.

Gum Treatment

  • Gum bleeding and swelling are the most common problems related to gums. They are the signs of gums suffering from gum diseases and require gum treatments as soon as possible.
  • Gum treatments are periodontal procedures, which treats the diseases of gums and makes them healthy again.
  • Unhealthy gums show signs of bleeding, swelling, pain and receding, eventually leading to loose teeth, falling off of teeth and jaw bone infections.
  • Also, habits like smoking, tobacco chewing, medical conditions like diabetes and poor oral hygiene habits result in unhealthy gums.
  • Immediate gum treatment is required for unhealthy gums before further progression of infection and falling off of the precious tooth.

Laser Dentistry

  • At MEDSTAR, our patients are provided with the facility and benefits of the use of lasers in treating dental diseases and maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • We use lasers for:
    • Cleaning the teeth
    • Treating gum diseases
    • Gum depigmentation
    • Children dentistry
    • Tooth extraction
    • Root canal treatment
    • Contouring of gums for a smile makeover
    • Teeth whitening
  • The use of lasers in dental procedures has made these procedures results-oriented, accurate, and highly efficient while being painless, bloodless, sensitivity-less and fearless to the patient.

What Are General Dental Treatments?

  • General dental treatments are the dental treatments used for treating common dental conditions of teeth and gums affecting the oral health of the person.
  • These treatments help in maintaining good oral health and can easily avoid future complications of teeth and gums diseases. They also help in treating the presented dental conditions at an early stage. 

Dental Conditions and their Symptoms

  • Stains and calcium deposits on teeth

    • Slight staining of teeth and mild deposits on teeth are normal and can be removed by routine cleaning and polishing.
    • Stubborn stains and deposits require regular cleaning and polishing and good oral hygiene habits.
    • Calcium deposits on teeth can lead to gum infections. Receding of gums and stains results in an unaesthetic smile.

  • Bleeding gums

    • Bleeding gums with or without pain and swelling indicates gum infections.
    • The treatment of gum infections is to treat the underlying cause of gum infections.
    • It can be due to poor brushing habits, excessive calcium deposits on teeth or due to trauma to gums.

  • Tooth decay

    • Tooth decay is caused by the bacteria streptococcus and lactobacillus which feed on food chunks or sticky food on the tooth. They slowly dissolve the tooth structure leading to black colour tooth decay.
    • It can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene, a healthy diet and routine dental checkup.
    • It is treated according to the extent of tooth decay. Most of them are treated by dental restorations. 

When should you see the Dentist?

  • Prevention is always better than cure. Visit the dentist regularly for routine dental checkups. It will help in both preventing and treating dental diseases. 
  • Consult the dentist if you are noticing frequent gum bleeding with or without pain, tooth decay with or without pain, teeth sensitivity, stains and calcium deposits on teeth. These are general dental problems but can lead to other dental complications.
  • The final treatment is determined by the dentist after the clinical examination of the patient.

Are You Eligible for General Dental Treatments?

  • If you are experiencing dental problems then the answer is yes, you are eligible for general treatments.
  • These treatments are not age-specific and mostly completed in a single appointment. They are easy and quick procedures to maintain oral hygiene and prevent future oral infections.
  • These general treatments are advised according to the dental conditions presented by the patient. 
    • Scaling and polishing are for poor oral hygiene patients having teeth stains and calcium deposition on teeth.
    • Gum treatments are for treating gum bleeding and gum infections.
    • Dental restorations are for tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.
  • The final treatment is planned by our dentist according to your dental problem.

Why Choose MEDSTAR for General Dentistry Treatments? The MEDSTAR Advantage

  • Choosing MEDSTAR for general dental treatments gives patients, the advantage of result oriented service that is both time and money-saving. 
  • We work under an Advanced Digital Dentistry Programme to make all dental procedures more accurate and efficient for the patient. By the use of digital tools, the latest procedures and dental materials, we are providing the best dental services in Dubai.
  • Along with the advanced infrastructure, we have well-known dentists in our dental department of Medstar Aesthetics and Multispecialty Centre. Their vast knowledge and experience are making our patients smile more and worry less.

Various treatments available at MEDSTAR

Scaling and polishing

  • Cleaning and polishing can easily remove stains, plaque and calcium deposits on the tooth and maintain good oral hygiene.
  •  At MEDSTAR we have:
    • Ultrasonic cleaning: In this type of dental cleaning procedure ultrasonic vibrations are used to remove stains, plaque and calcium deposits on teeth.
    • Laser cleaning: In this option, we use lasers for bloodless, painless and vibration-free cleaning of teeth. It is more effective, less sensitive and more hygienic.

Dental Restorations

  • Our dental department has the latest dental restoration materials for effective and long-lasting dental restorations.
  • We provide both coloured and cosmetic dental restorations as per the requirement of the patient.

Gum Treatment

  • For the treatment of bleeding gums, we use the latest procedures according to the condition of the gums presented by the patient.
  • The use of lasers and digital dentistry tools like intraoral scans has increased the effectiveness of gum treatment plans provided by our dentists.

 Laser Dentistry

  • The use of lasers in dentistry is making dental procedures highly accurate with long-lasting results.
  • Our dental team is highly experienced and skilled in using lasers for achieving the desired results for the patient.
  • Lasers are used according to the requirement of the dental procedure.

General dental treatments are the treatment procedures for common dental problems. The result of these procedures is smiling patient with healthy teeth and gums.

What is a routine dental checkup?

It is a regular dental checkup to check the health of teeth, gums and oral mucosa and done by the dentist. It is done to diagnose and prevent dental problems that may arise due to multiple reasons. A stitch in time saves nine. Finding a disease or condition in time with the help of routine dental checkups can either prevent the condition or can be treated in the early stages. This does not only prove to be cost-effective but also saves you a lot of time. Taking x rays is also a part of a routine dental check-up.

Is there any speciality of the dentist needed for a dental checkup?

No, routine dental checkup does not require the speciality of the dentist. The general dentists can do routine checkups.  For further treatment, the patient may require to visit a specialist doctor depending on the condition and requirement. At MEDSTAR we have general and specialised dentist both under one roof. 

How does routine dental checkup help?

Routine dental checkup helps in diagnosing dental diseases at early stages and maintaining oral hygiene. According to checkup done, the dentist can plan treatments and further appointments.  We recommend you to have a routine dental visit once every 3 months or as recommended by the dentist.  

Will cleaning and polishing damage my teeth?

No, it is a myth that cleaning and polishing damage the teeth. The cleaning and polishing procedure is the basic dental procedure of cleaning the teeth to remove plaque, tartar and stains and maintain good oral hygiene. However, If cleaning and polishing are done properly and with care, polishing can remove the thin protective enamel and cause dental sensitivity. Thus it is recommended that you visit an experienced and licensed dentist. At MEDSTAR, we have well-experienced dentist and dental professionals. 

Will cleaning and polishing remove part of my tooth?

No, the solid part that is removed during the process is tartar or calculus or calcium deposits on teeth. It is a safe procedure. However, If cleaning and polishing are done properly and with care, polishing can remove the thin protective enamel and cause dental sensitivity. Thus it is recommended that you visit an experienced and licensed dentist. At MEDSTAR, we have well-experienced dentist and dental professionals. 

What are the precautions post-cleaning and polishing?

  1. Follow the instructions provided by Dental Professional 
  2. Avoiding vigorous brushing
  3. Decrease intake of teeth staining food and beverages like tea, coffee, cola, curry etc.
  4. Avoid smoking & tobacco chewing post-cleaning and polishing of teeth.
  5. Drink through straw
  6. Swish with water after consuming tooth-staining food or beverages

Are dental restorations painful?

No dental restorations are not painful. They are done to restore a part of the tooth lost by tooth decay or trauma to the tooth. A filling is not done in the areas of the tooth where nerves are present. This is the main reason why you won’t feel any pain. Presence of no nerves = presence of no pain.

Is laser dentistry effective?

Yes, laser dentistry is highly effective, efficient, comfortable for the patient and cost-effective. The use of lasers in dentistry procedures has increased the accuracy of the procedure with long-lasting results. The use of lasers helps the dentist to identify trouble areas sooner. As it has no vibrations, it causes 0 to low anxiety among the patients. 

What are the advantages of laser cleaning of teeth?

Laser cleaning of teeth is painless, creates no sensitivity issues in the teeth, bloodless, highly effective and hygienic. It helps patients who are afraid of the cleaning procedure due to vibrations as the laser has no vibrations. It is effective and best at making the patient fearless during the procedure. 

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