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Enhance The Curves Of Your Body With Buttock Enhancement

Dissatisfied with the shape of the butts even after regular exercise and diets? With the help of advancement in cosmetic procedures and an experienced clinical team, we can help you with reshaping your butts and surrounding areas. With buttock enhancement procedures, you can overcome your genetics and get the desired curves on your body.

Buttock enhancement procedures help in reshaping butts and the lower body, resulting in enhancing the natural curves of the body. In most women due to genetics or skeletal frame or body type, regular exercise and diets can not change the shape of the butt. In such cases, buttock enhancement can safely reshape butts and adjacent areas. It helps in achieving the desired curves and enhancing the aesthetical proportions of the women’s body. At MEDSTAR, we provide services of Brazilian butt lift and butt implants for curvy lower body results.


  • Brazillian butt lift is a very popular cosmetic surgical procedure for enhancing and reshaping the buttocks. In this procedure, excess fat is transferred from the various body parts into the buttocks of the patient. This is why it is also known as butt fat grafting that has safe and natural-looking results. 
  • These results can be maintained for a long time by adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding weight fluctuations.


  • Butt implants are solid silicone implants that are surgically placed into the buttocks via an incision in the butt area. This procedure is sometimes performed with fat grafting for more natural-looking results.
  • The results of butt implants are instant and permanent. The patient must choose the surgeon who is certified and experienced in performing butt implants procedures for safe and desired results with the least complications.

What is Buttock Enhancement?

  • Buttock enhancement is a procedure in which the shape of the butt is improved using surgical methods. This procedure involves adding volume to the buttocks in the form of fat transfer or butt implants or a combination of both.
  • These procedures help patients in achieving the appearance of having a slimmer waist, fuller butts and improved overall fit of the pants as well.
  • Genetics, skeletal frame and body type can cause flat butt shape even after regular exercise and diets. Buttock enhancement procedures help in overcoming these factors and resulting in the curves desired by the patient.

Are You Eligible for Buttock Enhancement?

  • The patient can consider butt implants if:
    • The patient has lost the natural shape of the buttocks due to recent weight loss.
    • The patient feels that the natural shape of butts is too flat or squarish and enhancing them will balance the body shape
    • The patient doesn’t smoke or have stopped smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery
    • The patient is medically healthy free from a chronic medical condition like diabetes
    • The patient is willing and able to avoid sitting directly on butts for several weeks
  • The surgeon will decide the appropriate procedure for the patient based on:
    • Butt size and shape of the patient
    • The amount of fat on the body of the patient that is available for transfer
    • Skin quality and elasticity as well as the amount of extra skin in the butt area of the patient
    • The lifestyle of the patient
  • Consult our cosmetic surgery department for guidance and honest recommendation based on the needs, medical condition and lifestyle of the patient.

Why choose MEDSTAR for treatment? The MEDSTAR Advantage

At MEDSTAR, with the use of modern cosmetic procedures and experienced plastic surgeons, we help our patients in achieving what they desire. Butt enhancement procedures require the careful approach of the plastic surgeon, who knows what to do and what to avoid during the surgery for desired results and to avoid complications. Our clinical team has helped many women in Dubai by performing butt enhancement procedures safely with long-lasting results.

What is the procedure of Buttock Enhancement?

Buttock enhancement procedures are used to reshape the butts. These procedures are performed under local or general anaesthesia as per the convenience of the patient. After anaesthesia incisions are made to place an implant in case of butt implants. In Brazilian butt lift procedures fat is removed from the fatty areas of the patient through liposuction. Fat removed is separated from other body fluids and is injected into the butts. Then incisions are stitched back. These procedures result in fuller natural looking butts.

What are the various options for Buttock Enhancement at MEDSTAR?

Brazilian butt lift procedure

  • Brazilian butt lift aka fat grafting is the most popular procedure used for buttock enhancement. 
  • In this procedure, under general anaesthesia, fat is removed through liposuction. In liposuction through small incisions, thin tubes called cannula are inserted under the skin and moved back and forth to dislodge the fat. This dislodged fat is sucked out through the surgical suction. This fat is collected, separated from other body fluids and cleaned and injected into the butts with the help of multiple special injections.
  • The results are immediately visible. However, satisfactory final results are seen in a year after the surgery as the transferred fat settles.
  • This procedure results in plumped butts that feel and look natural, but the volume may decrease over time as the fat is absorbed by the body. Also, results may change as the transferred fat can grow or shrink with weight gain and loss respectively.

Buttock implant procedure

  • In this procedure after anaesthesia, incisions are made in such a way so that they result in invisible scars or minimum scarring. Then a silicone butt implant is inserted either in the muscle or above the gluteal muscle on each side of the butts. Incisions in the butts tissue are closed with layered sutures and incisions on the skin are closed with sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape 
  • The type of implant, desired results, body type of the patient and surgeon's recommendations determines the method for insertion and position of implants.
  • The results of buttock augmentation are visible immediately post-surgery. Satisfactory results are visible after full recovery in 2-3 weeks.

  • Before the surgery patient is asked to:
    • Stop taking certain medications or adjust current medications for the normal healing
    • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery
    • Avoid taking aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs as they can lead to bleeding complication
    • To arrange someone to drive the patient to and from surgery and to stay with them at least the first night following surgery.
  • Post-surgery instructions:
    • The patient will be instructed to wear a support garment post-surgery for support, comfort and normal recovery.
    • The patient will be given instructions on how to change bandages and taking care of the drains.
    • The patient will be asked to take medications regularly for better healing and to prevent unwanted complications.
    • The patient will be asked to avoid prolonged sitting for about two weeks to avoid damage to the fat. While sitting, the patient will have to use a pillow or cushion placed behind the legs to help raise the buttocks, avoiding pressure onto the fat grafts.
    • The patient will be instructed to sleep face down or on the side. 
    • The patient can generally resume exercise after six to eight weeks.
    • If the patient experience shortness of breath, chest pains or unusual heartbeats, severe pain, swelling and infection of the surgical wound seek medical attention immediately.

Butt enhancement procedures are safe with a 95 % success rate when performed by a certified and experienced plastic surgeon. Mild complications of pain, swelling and discomfort will subside in a couple of weeks with the prescribed medications and by following the instructions. The final results of butt enhancement procedures are natural-looking, safe and long-lasting which boosts the confidence of the patient tremendously.

What is buttock enhancement surgery?

Buttock enhancement surgery is the procedure of reshaping the butts to achieve the curves in the lower body as desired by the patient. It is done by fat grafting aka Brazilian butt lift or by butt implants or by a combination of both. These procedures are safe with minimum complications when performed by an experienced surgeon. The final results of buttock enhancement are fuller butts and the confident personality of the patient.

How painful is BBL recovery?

Like any other cosmetic surgery involving fat grafting, the Brazilian butt lift procedure has mild complications of pain, swelling, discomfort and bleeding. These symptoms mostly subside in 2 weeks with the help of medications and by following the instructions given by the surgeon. The patient is advised to follow post-surgery instructions strictly as these help in normal and quick recovery with long-lasting results.

What are the risks of Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt-lift is a safe procedure when performed by a certified and experienced surgeon. However it has mild complications of pain, swelling, redness and bleeding, that subside in 2 weeks. Other potential risks of Brazilian butt lift are:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Pain 
  • Lumps under the skin of the butts
  • Asymmetry in the shape of the butts
  • Loss of skin due to infection
  • Fat embolism in the heart or lungs

How long does Brazilian buttock lift last?

Brazilian butt lift is the procedure of fat grafting to reshape and contour the butts and complete results are visible in 6 months post-surgery. Fat grafting can last for 10 years or more. The results can be long-lasting when a healthy lifestyle is maintained to avoid any weight fluctuations. As weight gain or loss affects the fat cells of the body resulting in loss of the shape and contour of the butts post-surgery.

How long do buttock implants last?

Buttock implants help in achieving instant improvement in the shape and contour of the butts. When performed by a certified and experienced surgeon, butt implants are safe, natural-looking and can last for more than 10 years. Make sure to go to the certified surgeon only for safe and effective results with minimum complications.

What are the complications of butt enhancement procedures?

Complications of butt enhancement procedures:

  • Bleeding, swelling, pain and scarring
  • Skin discolouration and allergic reactions
  • Infection at the site of incision
  • Fluid or blood accumulation in butts
  • Numbness
  • Fat necrosis and delayed wound healing
  • Asymmetry in shape and size of the buttocks
  • In rare cases, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications

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