Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a relatively new treatment (over 10 years now) designed to aid in the healing and regeneration of soft tissues such as bone, skin, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

In PRP treatment the patient’s own blood is taken with a simple blood draw. Using a special centrifuge machine this blood is spun down to separate out and concentrate the platelets and growth factors that are essential for tissue healing.  This small amount of fluid with concentrated platelets and growth factors is called platelet rich plasma (PRP).  Nothing else is added to the patient’s own blood products so there is no risk of allergy, reaction or rejection.  PRP therapy is a purely natural process using the body’s own healing factors.  The trick is getting them to the right place.

PRP is now commonly used for facial and hair rejuvenation

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Regenera Activa for hair loss and hair thinning - stem cell treatment

Stem Cells Treatments

Human body is composed on cells and with technological advancements – the stem cell can not only be extracted and injected back to provide various treatments but can also be cultured and increased under control environment by specialised labs

Patients prefer the idea of using their own Adipose Derived Cells instead of introducing foreign materials into the body. Using one’s own cells lowers the chances of infection or other complications. The procedure works by collecting a small amount of fat, extracting and expanding Adipose Derived Stem Cells, and finally using them for volume restoration and body shaping

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