Medstar has a state of the art Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery division that is renowned for its world class services. Renowned as the best plastic surgery centre in Dubai, we do cosmetic surgeries and the best treatments in an intimate setting. We have experts as doctors who conduct aesthetic and re-contouring procedures, the finishing steps that follow a reconstructive surgery. Our professionals are also proficient in doing latest procedures that make you look younger and fresher.

Say “best plastic surgery centre in Dubai,” and people will suggest you visit Medstar. That is how good our services are. Patients choose Medstar’s Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery services because of our comprehensive care offered throughout our centre. Medstar is one place where all world renowned surgeons come together to provide you with surgical and non-surgical options so you can select the right option to fit your needs.

Specialized Procedures for Body Enhancements and Reconstruction

Medstar offers specialized procedures for body reconstruction and enhancements. Our Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialists have an extensive background in performing advanced plastic surgery techniques for face, body and breasts.

Our surgeons also have expertise in performing reconstructive surgery as well as post cancer treatment. They have distinguished training and dedication towards providing individualized care that helps each patient to achieve optimum results.

People who come to Medstar can expect that they will get treated with the utmost precision they wish for and the compassion they deserve during the process of plastic surgery journey.

Continuity of Care Policy

The physicians and surgeons of our Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department are committed to giving our patients the most excellent care possible, and we take care of our patients till they recover. We are firmly providing continuous care, even after the surgical procedure is necessary for the patient’s well-being. Patient care is the core of Medstar and an integral part of the services that we offer.

Our continuity of attention is our facility through which patient and the doctors team up and cooperatively involve in the process of healthcare management. This focused care makes us among the best plastic surgery centres in Dubai, and our doctors are known as the best plastic surgery doctors in Dubai who offer high quality, cost-effective care.

Things you should Ask yourself before the Surgery

  • Is surgery right thing for you?
  • Are you physically fit? Are you eating right?
  • Post surgery you will have to make some lifestyle amends, are you ready for the changes?
  • Do you have enough knowledge about the surgery, the procedure, and the care afterward?
  • Are you going for the plastic surgery for yourself or because you want to look like someone else?
  • Did you find the best plastic surgeon in Dubai?

Payment and Insurance

  • At Medstar’s Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, we see to it that our patients are comfortable, be it the surgery, treatment or even the payment. Medstar accepts all types of payments, cash, and card and we also accept most major insurance plans.

    For your convenience, we advise you to talk to your insurance company and verify if your plans or procedures are applicable and find out about the benefits you get. Another alternative is to speak to us with any queries.

    Prior visiting Medstar, find out with your insurance provider if you require paying a co-payment when taking an appointment. (This is noted on the insurance card.) And, do not forget to bring your insurance card along with a photo ID to take your appointment.

    Medstar is dedicated to helping you look your personal best with our non surgical or surgical enhancements. Our plastic surgery doctors are known for being the best in Dubai, encourage you to know about the different options available, ask questions and understand the procedures for enhancing your natural beauty and make you feel confident about making a well-informed decision before making a decision of going for plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure.

    Medstar is located at a very convenient location in Dubai, and  is available for our patients at their convenient times. Call us today and make an appointment at +97143577877. Find out about our special offers upon calling.