Sports Medicine:

Musculoskeletal disorders.

As the name suggests it’s mostly related to injuries during sports. Or the repetitive use of a similar muscle action in day to day work can result in muscular injury. Once being diagnosed for acute or overuse injuries an effective personal treatment plan is advised for the patients.

The ligament or the tendons are injured during a sudden impact. To mobilize these or recondition it, we need immediate medical attention from an orthopedic.

Based on new scientific approach we reduce the recovery time of the sports injuries in more than one ways. Such as Stem cell injections or Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance medical system acts simultaneously to heal and recover faster. 

Back pain:

It’s a very common lifestyle related problem.

Being in a poor posture for long time, non-movements of muscles can lead you to back pain or sprain due to hyper activity. It can be in Neck, Shoulder, Upper or lower back. It can affect any person regardless of any age, where the muscles are deteriorating due to lack of exercise and improper diet. 

Poor body mechanics while lifting heavy objects.

Intervertebral degeneration can lead to pain in the spine.    

Disc which acts as a cushion for the vertebra degenerates due to aging thus resulting in acute pain in the back.

Arthritis :  Arthritis in the spine can lead to a narrowing of the space around the spinal cord, called spinal stenosis.

Osteoporosis : your bones become porous and brittle and can cause compression fractures.