Intravenous (IV) therapy is a method of infusing micronutrients, such as antioxidants, amino acids, metabolites, co-factors, vitamins, and minerals directly into the blood stream to correct micronutrient deficiencies and to ultimately enhance/improve your intracellular function, thus improving your overall well being.

Unlike other IV therapy formulations, our IV infusions are never pre-made, frozen or diluted.
From using filtered catheters, to carefully monitoring drip rates, to preparing the IV infusion with the most sterile techniques, you can trust and be assured that Medstar’s IV infusion is always clean, safe and efficacious

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Benefits of IV therapy may include enhanced mentality, boosted energy level, regained vitality

  • Improved fat loss and sports performance
  • Improved healing and recovery from exercise, a long night out, and surgical procedures
  • Enhanced immune support against pathogens

Detoxification of environmental and internal toxic byproducts.Possible complications of IV therapy may include minor discomfort and pain, irritation, inflammation or bruising at the injection site