Breast Augmentation Surgery

We know you want to enhance your beauty and feel special, that’s why we offer one of the finest breast augmentation surgeries in Dubai by making use of Fat Transfer. These implants are placed over or beneath the chest muscles via an incision to increase the fullness of breasts and their projection.

This will give a good balance to the figure and boost the self-confidence of the individual. Along with implants, we also provide breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure. Also called as fat graft breast enlargement, this unique procedure will enhance the breast size by making use of fat cells from hips, stomach or any other part of the body.

Do You Offer Breast Reduction?

Women suffer from various problems such as hair fall, bulging stomach, bigger breasts, breasts that are too small, and the list goes on! But don’t worry! Medstar has the right solution to address all your concerns. Breast reduction therapy is a procedure that removes some of the skin and tissue from your bigger breasts so you can regain your comfort and confidence.

The system also makes the areola or the area of dark skin around the nipple smaller. To remove the skin and tissue, our experienced surgeons will make an initial, small cut in the breast and remove the excess skin and tissue. Once this is done, the skin will gently be stitched back together.

Specialization in General Surgery
Specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Past Resident in Plastic Surgery care of the Hospital of Defects of the
Face, San Paulo, Brazil
Attending Plastic Surgeon care of the National Cancer Institute” Regina
Elena “, Rome, Italy, from 1987 to 2000
Head of the Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Unit at the “Sandro
Pertini” General Hospital, Rome, Italy, from sept. 2001 to June 2015
From 2015, July the 1st – present: Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Unit  at the “S.Camillo” General Hospital, Rome, Italy
Author and co-author of 127 National and International Scientific
Standing Member of the Italian Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic

DR. Stefano Pompei | Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai | Dubai Plastic Surgery Prices | Dubai Cosmetic Surgery
DR. Stefano Pompei | Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai | Dubai Plastic Surgery Prices | Dubai Cosmetic Surgery