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Medstar’s Department of Dental Surgery & Cosmetic Dentistry is one well known in Dubai. Renowned to be one of the best Dental Surgery & Cosmetic Dentistry centres in Dubai. Medstar provides comprehensive oral health care services with a particular focus on providing specialized treatment needs. The services that we offer are provided to cover diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all conditions that affect the teeth, mouth and other associated structures, including jaws, facial bones, and the salivary glands.

MedStar is one of the centres to offer Zoom Teeth Whitening in Dubai and also the Hollywood Smile in Dubai. All our services are focused on providing relief from dental issues while correcting facial deformities. Our dental surgeons are well known in Dubai because of their specialized treatments to help patients with facial fractures and damaged teeth and oral tissues.

Zoom Teeth Whitening and Hollywood Smile are the most popular treatments offered at Medstar.

Hollywood smile/ Smile makeover

At Medstar, we believe that a better life starts with a better smile and that is the reason why our experts have come up with different ways to help our patients. With our advanced smile makeover technique called Hollywood Smile, our specialist doctors offer appealing looks.

With the Hollywood Smile Makeover, patients can enjoy supernatural white and perfectly aligned teeth that are attractive looking. To continue with the procedure, the doctor will first consider things such as the skin color, the color and size of the front teeth, the gum position, and also the position of upper teeth with the lower lip.

Medstar offers state of the art techniques for smile makeover to brighten lives and to increase confidence and appearance of our patients.


Apart from these, we offer several other services including:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Evaluation of wisdom teeth
  • Periodic oral examinations
  • Comprehensive oral examinations
  • Emergency oral examinations
  • Dental implants and bit guards
  • Minor restorations
  • X-rays
  • Smile correction
  • Teeth Sealants


Medstar is a well known super specialty center in Dubai. We are renowned for our specialist services, which include ortho-period centres, cleft restorative centres, orofacial pain, and orthognathic centres. Medstar’s department of dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry is known for being highly advanced multispecialty dental and maxillofacial centre in Dubai.

We cater to all age groups, and in addition to offering comprehensive family dental care, our multi-centric centre is specially designed and built to extend state of the art services in all the primary areas of contemporary advances including cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

The most appealing thing about Medstar’s advanced services is that all our practices and procedures conform to the highest standards of safety, sterilization, and equipment quality control.

Our Dental Services




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