Smile Design Procedures (Diastema Closure, Porcelain Veeners/Laminates)

To restore chipped teeth, fill gaps or mask discolouration, consider porcelain veneers. Our dental experts can improve the quality of your smile in just a few visits by placing veneers that have impressive and long-lasting effects. Veneers are thin covers frequently made of porcelain for more grounded results that are formed and solidified to the tooth for a correct fit. On the off chance that you are not a possibility for brightening treatment or are searching for the other option to crowns, talk with one of our dental authorities about porcelain veneers. Our dental specialists will help you locate the best shading, fit, and state of lacquer for your teeth, and can guarantee quality and long haul comes about. Veneers can restore teeth that have damaged by stains or discoloration caused by age, caffeine or tobacco, worn down or chipped teeth, unwanted gaps and spaces between teeth, or damage due to injury or root canal procedures. Medstar offers affordable smile design procedures with veneers at affordable rates in Dubai.


Composite bonding involveseffectively using white filling to improve the smile by filling gaps and masking chips. It can improve your smile without cutting any of the teeth. The smile transformation is rapid and can be done in one visit.

Non preparation veneers (Lumineers) – Unlike traditional veneers, there is no need for extensive drilling, anesthetic or plastic temporaries. This is therefore a simpler and more comfortable way of getting that beautiful smile without damaging your teeth or wallet.




Smile Aesthetics


Smile is about proportion and positioning. All pieces of the puzzle need to fit in place for a harmonious smile that compliments your face. Our specialists often work in combination with our expert Dermatology team to treat not only the teeth but also facial appearance and lip structure using threads, fillers and injectables

In case of a gummy or aging smile (where there is sagging of the lower lips and reduction in the height of their lower face with more noticeable nose to chin lines) we focus not only on rebuilding the teeth but also supporting the tissues around the teeth with Derma procedures in the same sitting to regain a perfect smile.