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What is mastopexy? It is a medical term for breast lift. It is cosmetic plastic surgery performed for rejuvenating breasts having droopy or saggy appearance. It helps them to regain their youthful attractive position. This surgical procedure cuts off excess skin and tightens surrounding tissues of the breast to create a youthful contour. Breast lift can reduce enlarged areolas to a prominent size.

Giving Breasts a Fresh Look with Lift

There are certain factors that accelerate aging of breasts and cause excessive or premature sagging –

  • Heavy breasts
  • Weight loss
  • Nursing
  • Pregnancy

Now, some women are very self conscious regarding this deflation of breasts and desire to restore their natural and feminine position. In such cases, lift comes to great help. It repositions areolas and nipple and give them a new appearance altogether.

Breast Augmentation in Lift

The procedure of breast lift is not meant for enhancing breast size. It usually removes unnecessary skin to give breasts fuller and a proper shape. It does not remove breast tissue. However, in some cases, women wish to augment the size of their breasts along with lift. In such cases, a combination procedure of breast lift and breast augmentation is performed for achieving desired results.

Want to add augmentation with lift but is not sure about how it will look? It’s not a problem! 3D photography is there to help you. A number of board-certified cosmetic surgeons use special software and 3D photography to enforce their surgical plans and stimulate desired outcome. Isn’t this a great way to envision the outcome of the surgery?

“Mommy Makeover” in Breast Lift

What is “Mommy Makeover”? It is a term that describes certain procedures commonly performed in giving a women’s body a refreshing look after child birth. Procedures of breast lifting are also included in it. In fact, it is a common process in mommy makeover and as told earlier, lift is often paired with augmentation to increase breast size while lifting them at the same time.

Choosing a Surgeon

In this procedure, it is very important that you seek advice and opinion from some certified plastic surgeon. He will assist you to explore your goals and determine the right procedure and time for the surgery. He can only return your feminine shape and youthful form. The plastic surgeon is the person who can fulfill your desire!

Raising your family and taking care of your children is really a challenge and privilege. But, if ever you feel to focus on yourself, then breast lift is the right ticket to have a revitalized life!

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