Transform today! An attractive face is all about balance and proportion

Transform today! An attractive face is all about balance and proportion

Dr Stefano Pompei, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Medstar Healthcare LLC, talks about why cosmetic surgery is an art and how he can help you transform today

I compare my work with that of an artist who has to unveil beauty hidden within.

– Dr Stefano Pompei, Medstar Healthcare LLC , Gulf Tower, Oud Metha

How did you choose the specialized areas of medicine you’ve been practicing?

Plastic surgery is one of the most creative fields in medicine. Each person is unique and so is his/her need. The creative process in the field of plastic surgery is very similar to art and requires constant innovations. I compare my work with that of an artist who has to unveil beauty hidden within. During the course of my international career, which includes 13 years in a national institution in Rome, I have seen many patients losing their confidence due to the devastating changes in their body. This urged me to focus my energies on plastic surgery as my profession, so that, I could alleviate their discomfort and attend to their needs by applying the art of medicine to change the quality of their lives.

Please describe the types of surgical procedures you perform?

I perform almost all surgical procedures, but my areas of focus are facial reconstruction, body contouring, breast lift, and reconstruction.

For facial rejuvenation, depending on the case, I often combine facelifts, blepharoplasty, neck lift, fat grafting, and rhinoplasties.
For breast surgeries, I perform corrective procedures for developmental defects (tubular breasts, asymmetries, etc) or aesthetic procedures such as breast reductions and breast lifts with or without implants. In the case of cancer patients, I also collaborate with the mastologists and the oncological breast surgeons for immediate or delayed breast reconstructions.

Surgical body recontouring procedures often related to previously operated weight loss procedures, which significantly leads to loose skin after massive weight loss are also high in demand.

Is there anything to bear in mind when considering breast reconstruction?

Each reconstruction surgery is unique. I therefore personalize and propose the reconstruction approach depending on the merits of the case. Basically, we have two options: the implant-based approach (immediate or delayed) or the autologous tissue breast reconstruction technique.

Every proposed procedure in terms of breast reconstruction should be explained on the basis of the variables we have to deal with like previous or post-mastectomy cases, type of the mastectomy or conservative treatment, local tissues and scar conditions, etc.
For cancer patients these days the trend is to do this immediately at the time of breast cancer surgery so that the patient is not exposed to another surgery later on.

For others, the best time for breast reconstruction is post-pregnancy. Post lactation changes result in the dropping down of the normal breast, disfiguring and excessive growth of breast tissue, which may keep causing neck pain. It may alter other physiological parameters which disturb a person’s normal activities. In such cases, breast reconstruction including reduction and lift with or without implants becomes a necessity. Read more

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