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The early signs of Breast Cancer

The early signs of Breast Cancer

The early signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that originates in the breast tissue and milk-producing ducts. It is the second most common type of cancer which is diagnosed in women. The reason behind the occurrence of breast cancer is due to abnormal growth unhealthy cells which as against healthy cells which multiple and accumulate to produce lump or mass. These can spread thorough the breast to the other part of the body

While there is no one factor which can causes Breast Cancer, it is combination of lifestyle, genetics, and other factors like age which can play role in occurrence of this cancer. Some of these are in control and some are not.  If one understands the early signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer, it can help in early detection thereby better chances of treating the same

The most common symptom of diagnosing breast cancer is the formation of a new lump or mass on the breasts. In most cases, the painless, rigid mass that has an unusual and irregular shape and edges are likely to be cancer, but they’re also are cases where cancer is found to be tender, rounded, or even soft. So, it is always recommended to get yourself checked whenever you see any of such mass or lump formation. As one may never know what is going to happen afterward. The sooner, the better works for this too.

Let us know more about theearly signs of Breast Cancer:


As such the breast tissue is lumpy in texture but one has to identify lump mass that could be potential symptom of cancer. When there is a change in the texture of breast, and there is no involvement of menstrual cycle, or there is any harder lump that feels very different from the rest of the part, or there is a lump only on a single breast, chances are that it may be cancer. So, one always need to be well aware about the formation of these lumps and in case you are not very sure, visit a doctor and share your doubts.

Cancerous lumps are:

  • Uneven edges, irregular shaped
  • Painless
  • Usually hard and rigid

Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge is quite common during the reproductive years even when you are not pregnant or feeding. You can see the nipple discharge in the following situations:

  • Squeezing: when there is squeezing of the nipples, there is a milky discharge that can be clear, yellow, green, brown, or even bloody.
  • An infection: sometimes there are infections that can result in the discharge from the nipples.
  • When it gets unusual, there is discharge even without any squeezing, discharge in only one of the breasts, discharge with blood, you need to get yourself checked and definitely visit a doctor.

Changes in breasts

There are different stages of life where hormonal changes can be seen, as so do breasts change. As long as the changes are normal and bit less, they are okay to deal with. But once you see drastic changes in the shape of breasts, lumps, the temperature of the breasts, contours, texture, and other related things, they may be a sign of cancer.



When there is a sudden swelling in a part of the breast or the whole area, you need to be worried as it may be a symptom of breast cancer.

Swelling in the armpit or collarbone also indicates a sign of breast cancer. It states it has spread to lymph nodes.


Pain in your breasts

Some people might feel pain in the breasts during their menstrual cycle, but if the pain stays otherwise, it may be an early sign of breast cancer. Get yourself checked.


A flat area on the breasts

The flattening of the area can also be a sign of breast cancer


Visible veins on the breast

When there is visibility of the veins, it may be a sign of breast cancer.

The aforesaid symptoms all are the early signs of breast cancer. You need to be careful about these signs and not ignore them. One must not feel uncomfortable as it may be nothing, but it could be breast cancer. If you notice anything that is unusual with the breasts, book an appointment at a specialized doctor or at a breast clinic and get yourself treated on time. At Medstar we have the expert team of Doctors including Female family physician, Female Gynecologist and Female Radiologist who will help you verify all the symptoms correctly and advice the correct course of action. While, Medstar does not offer Oncology services but has on-board an expert Italian board certified Plastic Surgeon who is specializes in breast reconstruction surgeries

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