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Rhinoplasty Questions Frequently Asked to Dubai Surgeons

Rhinoplasty Questions Frequently Asked to Dubai Surgeons

Rhinoplasty has become a common practice these days among both women and men. It is commonly referred to nose job that people choose for varied reasons – cosmetic and functional. Now, when people opt for this surgery, there are certain common questions that they frequently ask.

1.What Rhinoplasty is?
The surgical procedure which intends to reshape a nose is called Rhinoplasty. This surgery is employed for enhancing a nose structure, changing its shape or for making it smaller.

2.How is Rhinoplasty beneficial for a patient?
What kind of benefit a person will enjoy from Rhinoplasty depends on his reason for surgery. There can be functional or cosmetic benefits. When Rhinoplasty is done as cosmetic surgery, it improves the appearance of nose. Again, when this surgery is done to augment functionality, it is associated with sinus surgery that helps a patient to breath properly. This surgery ensures comfortable breathing.

3.What are the distinctions between closed and open Rhinoplasty?
In closed Rhinoplasty, surgical incisions are done in the inner side of the nose. They cannot be seen post surgery. On the other hand, open Rhinoplasty involves surgical incisions at the bottom of the nose. A certified and qualified plastic surgeon can perform the surgery perfectly and make discreet incisions that heal well.

4.How much time does Rhinoplasty take?
The exact time for a particular surgery can be best told by the surgeon. Generally, a Rhinoplasty surgery takes a few hours to be completed.

5.How to know who is the right candidate for the surgery?
A certified surgeon can rightly tell this. When a patient consults a qualified plastic surgeon, he reviews medical history of the patient and his expectations from the surgery. Then only he can decide whether Rhinoplasty will be right for him or not. If a person follows the criteria below, he is regarded as the right candidate for this surgery –

1.The person should be more than 13 years old to make sure that he has complete facial growth.
2.He should be in good health.
3.He should not be a drinker or smoker.
4.He should have realistic expectations from the surgery.

Thus, the correct way of finding whether you are suitable for Rhinoplasty surgery is by meeting a certified and reliable plastic surgeon and discussing with him your goals.

6.Does this procedure have insurance coverage?
If the surgery is for cosmetic purpose, then insurance company might not consider it as an elective process and will not provide any cost coverage for it. However, if Rhinoplasty is for medical purpose, like sinus problem, health issues or birth problem, then there are chances for insurance coverage for the procedure. Insurance company and plastic surgeon can guide in this regard.

To conclude it can be said, Rhinoplasty is a wonderful way of gaining self-confidence and improving one’s appearance. This surgery helps to create an ideal self. When selecting any plastic surgeon, ensure that the surgeon is board certified as practices of such surgeons are of high standard and they follow ethical practice. They can provide the best results.

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